I had a singular transformation session with Tina and it was incredible.

I came to her with a self diagnosed personal issue.  She used a method she called a shadow process.  She helped me see that while it appeared to be the issue that it was just a side symptom to a major shadow. When she pointed out the major shadow, it was the clear culprit holding me back in multiple area’s of my life. 

Through a series of questions, Tina was very concise and thorough.  Her patience and experience working with shadows was evident through the whole process.  Now I find myself catching my circular thinking before it begins and can reframe my thoughts using a couple of tools she suggested.  It’s been two weeks since my session with her, and I am still seeing evidence of the changes.  I felt very much at ease working with Tina and will continue to work with her on addressing additional shadows.

D. Cervantes, Los Angeles, CA


Tina's coaching is like a fine tuning fork. 

Since completing the Unapologetically You seminars and having time to integrate what I learned, I realize how much I really received.

I am more aligned with my thoughts and surroundings to connect to my true essence (how I feel and how I want to be). I am more open to receiving information (interfacing with people, hearing things on the radio, books, etc...) both emotionally and spiritually to keep growing in a positive direction. I feel reconnected with myself and Source.

Looking back now, it seems as if Tina was not only planting seeds of positive ideas and messages into my consciousness but also preparing the soil so that those seeds could grow and flourish.

I'm calmer, more centered and focused and thus, more effective.

Deborah Devi, Maplewood, NJ

“While there were many take aways from the Unapologetically You workshop, I have to share two that have changed my life. Between the exercises and live coaching I gained so much confidence to speak my truth. For people who know me, that may sound odd because I am pretty direct. Tina said to me that there was something in me that I don't feel like I'm allowed to be an adult, that I still have people treat me like a child. She was right, I have allowed this to happen and it has become extremely damaging to my confidence. Now that I'm crystal clear about why, I have firm boundaries with the few people in my life that trigger me. As Tina said, "don't let them penetrate your force field!" This visual is working magnificently for me.

I am also empowered to share truths with my children about the imperfection of our family without apology or anger but from truth and love.

I also turned down an incredible job offer at a prestigious organization and in the same interview expressed what I wanted to do for them.

They saw my value, created my position and are paying me 30% more than I had initially wanted.

I know I would still be biting my tongue with the children and probably would have accepted that other offer had I not been empowered through the work I did in the workshop. Tina is a talented coach, completely dedicated to the “client”, refraining from sharing her personal stories as many coaches tend to do. Enlightened, wise, and loving.”

JC, Napa, CA


"I want to thank Tina for an amazing 8-week workshop called Unapologetically You!  Each class was filled with valuable information. I was able to process through so much that used to limit me. I learned how to cope with highly stressful situations. She taught me techniques to help me to sleep better! I am now choosing my clients instead of feeling like I need to say yes to all that come my way. I bought the extra private sessions and because I have learned foundational tools from the workshop, the sessions are so productive! 

I LOVED everyone in our workshop...we're all (as Tina puts it) courageous! I felt safe sharing my deepest issues. It was great hearing others share their stories...I too benefited. Tina was great about making sure her guidance could easily be used and applied to all our own lives. That's a true talent of hers! I never felt left out and always learned regardless if it was focused on me or if Tina was helping someone else...it was all so valuable for my own journey.

I highly recommend this workshop and Ignite Truth Coaching to everyone who wants to live the best life they possibly can. Definitely, get your free consultation and find out more. You'll thank me for recommending Tina…I'm sure of it!"

Karin - San Rafael, CA


"I learned a lot about myself, how I respond to life, what triggers me, and where stress manifests in my body. Most importantly, Tina guided me in finding areas to focus on to create more ease in my life. 

I loved that there were immediate take aways from each session.  

On our group calls, Tina did a great job including everyone even when it was our personal one-on-one time. She connected the dots and brought it back to all of us. My bonus private session about money, was MONEY! Very enlightening and applicable!  Such a good one!

I tell you all the time, but you are one of the wisest women I know.  Your confidence, intuition, and life experience allows you to effectively guide and empower. You care deeply about me (and others), you listen, you observe, you ponder, you enlighten, you share, you are unapologetically YOU!  I strive to embody these qualities more in my life.  I am forever grateful to and for you!"

Kitty G- San Rafael, CA


“During a series of coaching sessions with Tina, I experienced a new sense of myself and a renewed purpose in my life goals.

Her style of coaching is intuitive, loving, comforting, engaging, inspiring and profoundly healing. These qualities allowed me to look at what I feared and what I was avoiding. 

I have read dozens of self help books over the last 20 years and at times sought therapy for past issues. 

It wasn’t until these sessions that these deep personal matters started to unwind and give me peace of mind.

When I was 16 my father committed suicide, which left me with some deep emotional scars. Through Tina’s coaching and use of practices she taught me, it is somewhat of a miracle, but I really feel a transformation in the letting go of the past. I didn’t realize how these old unresolved experiences were weighing me down in so many ways. I am all around lighter. I have found ways to appreciate and count the blessings that I received from my father. I am more confident to pursue my artistry and to ask for what I want.  Actually that’s another big one!  I am more clear of my worth and I don’t need to perform to receive love and adoration. I just deserve what I want!  Coaching with Tina has been so invaluable. I recommend her to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their life with joy and love”

J. Fox,  British Columbia,  Make-up Artist


“What makes Tina so effective and different is her innate ability to see who you really are and hear what it is you truly want. She is so highly attuned and intuitive into not only what I tell her in words, but she has this way of dropping into my experience at the soul level and playing back to me what it is I really need to hear, grounding me in what I truly want. Tina has helped provide me with deep clarity around my job and my relationships with both co-workers,  friends and lovers. She not only gives great emotional and rational advice but also provides me with tangible actions. Whether it is a physical action like a specific breath work exercise she knows as a yoga teacher, or a writing exercise to help me see my own dreams or truth - Tina balances talk, mindfulness and action. There are a lot of coaches out there but Tina has an extra something and I do believe she may be psychic! This all combined with a rare ability to live with deep courage and strength, it is contagious. I am a better person for having worked with her in this lifetime.” 

                                                                            -Carolyn J., Oakland, CA VP Marketing


In 1999 I began studying kundalini yoga with Tina in small groups and one on one sessions. She is a remarkably gifted and sensitive teacher. The work had a profound impact on my body and life. I had never been flexible enough to bend over and touch my toes. She challenged me to follow her yoga instruction for a month. In less time than that I was able to touch my toes (first time in 37 years). With her support and inspiration as my teacher I was able to also quit a nineteen year smoking habit. I was motivated to live my life more fully and aligned with my deepest strengths and goals. Within a year, I left my unsatisfying work in a corporate accounts payable cubicle to follow my dreams to become a successful Massage Therapist and Instructor. 16 years later, the guidance and teaching Tina provided me continues to be a deep resource for my continued success. And yes, I can still touch my toes and don’t smoke!

Brian Markovitz, CMT Human Touch Massage Therapy Marin



"Tina has such a wonderful positive energy. She is authentic and a great listener. I was amazed by her intuition and wisdom. She is able to find your core wounds so that they can heal.

Her ability to give me practical skills and to empower me at the same time with her advice made a profound impression on me.

You can really feel that she has gone to the school of life. She is the real deal. She can hold you in a sacred space and be emphatic but can also give you actionable tips.  

Tina believes in you and your gifts and that makes you believe, too."

Sophia B., Germany


“This was a terrific workshop and I highly recommend it. It’s a different kind of learning. Part inspiration and part motivation through superb elocution and mild hypnotic effect that allowed me to receive. At least it did for this man. I had a lot going on during those 8-weeks but I always looked forward to the sessions whether I could participate or not. It was great to have the recordings too.”

RD- Humbolt, CA


“I got so much more than I expected! Every week was just enough information to digest. I’ve learned to listen and trust myself, that I have more strengths and gifts than I was giving myself credit. Another big take away was how safe I am to feel, accept and love my fears and anxieties. I am amazed that by giving them attention I became stronger and could see more clearly. I wish I would have shared more with the group otherwise I am fully satisfied.”

SG- Fairfax, CA


I have known Tina for over 3 years and I am forever grateful for her wisdom, guidance and enthusiasm for life. She has a contagious, energetic spirit and infectious laugh that brings grace and ease into life’s complexities. She has helped me remain calm and confident with many choice, and helped me blossom in my self expression and self love. I highly recommend Tina as a guiding light to help you find and or expand on your purpose and passion.

Patty Gleesan, Milliner and Mother Los Angeles, CA 


Tina’s wisdom and caring presence helped me as I was launching my private counseling practice. She held space for me and our time together in a sacred way which encouraged me to honor the vision I had for my practice. Her clarity helped me to be more clear about my own needs and the direction for my practice. She also held me accountable which helped me to take responsibility for what I was (or was not) creating in my practice. Tina’s presence during this transition in my professional life has been valuable. She brings a wonderful blend of deep kindness and strength to her work. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Tina. 

Michael Spencer, Licensed Professional Counselor, Newton, PA


I am so grateful to Tina for the beautiful light being that she is. Tina was the officiant for our wedding and so much more. She worked with us months in advance to bring us together to create this special day. Tina was able to see there were some disconnects between our deep love, excitement to marry and the impending ceremony. Through questions and discussions we were able to untangle some old experiences from previous relationships that allowed us to be free and clear to move forward with joy. I have never been to a wedding where the words meant so much. Tina gathered memories and connected with our family and friends (they loved her!). Then with grace and perfection artfully weaved all of it, them and us into a wonderful speech and ceremony. I/we are forever grateful. Love you!

Yamilca, Multicultural Marketing Director, Louisville, KY


Tina is both creative and empowering in her approach to coaching. She is extremely compassionate and really listens….a skill that I admire and expect in a coach. She offers so many invaluable ways of looking at the particular situation and stops the cycle of detrimental behavior that is so easy to get into when dealing with life challenges. Her approach is no nonsense, yet caring at the same time. She is not reading from a textbook but rather she is really genuinely concerned about my well being and it is so obvious with her language and suggestions. I feel like a new woman every time I talk with Tina. I also feel so much lighter and full of love. Thank you!

Dana Golden Honey and Spice Wellness/ Certified Health Coach

Licensed Massage TherapistWell Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils Portland, OR 


Every coach needs a coach too. When I need a little help to get some things on track or a different perspective on a subject I am being challenged with, Tina is there for me. She helps me step out of my own way and take an observation deck approach to the issue as hand. She is easy to talk to and with and I feel safe and not judged when I connect with her.

Jay Coelho, JC Life by Design Lifestyle Coach


One of the most valuable things Tina has done for me as a coach is holding up uncomfortable truths. She doesn’t just say what I want to hear or placate me when I am upset yet she isn’t confrontational; she lovingly points out where I may be hiding things from myself with the intention of helping me find my highest good.

Lynnsey, Performer, Fitness Instructor, Wife and Mother - Oregon


I have known Tina for almost two years. She is a very adept listener and has a knack for asking the right questions at the right time. Her sense of humor puts one at ease, as she helps people gracefully recognize their self-imposed blocks and limitations, then supports letting them go based on one’s inner wisdom. Her numerous creative endeavors are evidence that she definitely knows how to be one with the Universal Flow.

Melissa Brehm- Reiki Master, Modern Day Priestess, Fitness Instructor, Carlisle, PA


Working with Tina was a turn-around point in my relationship with my partner. At different times in our sessions, I felt she stood up for me bravely, which was very healing; and she did the same for my partner, which was very humbling for me. There was a lot of frustration and anger, masking undeniable hurt. Bringing me to a point of real vulnerability was necessary to move forward. Tina held space for this fragile balance so that I could be fully expressed, hear and acknowledge, feel and give forgiveness and be accountable for my words and actions; all while building compassion. We addressed head on more than one core issue within the relationship, story and all. I really appreciated that we didn’t get lost in layers of psychology but instead were able to reach a definable level of resolution in each session. I would definitely recommend Tina as a valuable coach/resource for the health and vitality of your relationship.

Anonymous, Ashland, OR

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